Are you ready for a day of shredding in Valemount? Air time... here we come! Join us again in 2023 and see why Valemount is one of the funnest trail networks in BC!


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Are you ready to up your game and take your riding to the next level? Want to flow through the trails faster and approach jumps with more confidence?

Figure out how to do all that in just one day with our awesome coaches! Dial in some key fundamentals during the first part of the clinic, then flow it all together on the super fun Valemount bike park trails for the rest of the day. We put special focus on breaking down body positioning, timing, and line choices to give you the confidence for those sweet in-trail moves like the bermed corners, drops and tabletop jumps. Get ready to walk away from this clinic with a whole new skill set and passion for flow trails!

Ability Level I - A: Intermediate - AdvancedIMG 5386

Level 1: New or very new to jumps/drops
Level 2: Previous jump/drop lesson or experience


TBC: 2023

*Lunch & shuttle fees not included

**Groups will be divided based on ability levels where possible. We do our best to group together based on similar levels though even the most advanced rider can learn from 'slowing down back to basics' and a lower level rider can learn from riding with more advanced riders in a supportive environment

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