Join us in Kelowna for a well rounded weekend of skills (and fun!).. jumps, corners, flow, and picking technical rocky lines. 

INT/ADV TECH & AIR CLINIC - Crawford Trails (Myra-Bellevue)  


Want to flow through those techy trails and be more in control of your bike? Take your riding to the next level by increasing your confidence with a few extra skills in your back pocket. This clinic covers essential Kelowna skills for the more advanced intermediate rider.

Learn it all! Rock slabs, loose descents, and small drops within the trail are just some of the features we’ll work on during this session.

We’ll review tons of skills in the morning to make sure we have a solid understanding of some key fundamentals for more advanced riding. Such as body position, braking on loose terrain, braking control on rock faces, slow rolling drops to drops with air.

Get ready ‘cuz this session we’re getting the wheels in the air! Bring all these new skills into the trails for the 2nd part of the session where we’ll look at line choices, timing, and when to put our new moves into action. Lots of fun techy features to practice along the way!

This clinic is great for the strong intermediate to advanced rider wanting to learn how to carry more speed on the trail and incorporate small airs along the way.

Be ready for a full day of riding, bring snacks, lots of water, appropriate clothing, and lots of energy ;)

DSC03932Skill Level IA (Intermediate/Advanced)


TBC: 2023