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In a rut with your riding? Gain more confidence, flow and technique with our coaches this Spring! Tons of fun clinics to choose from.

We want you to have a super fun time and learn a ton of new skills that you can take to your favourite trails. We take you to the next level by covering techniques in line selection, rolling down rock faces with amazing control, climbing technical pitches, mastering tight switchbacks, and learning how to get your wheels in the air.

Lots of clinics to choose from here! So, all you need to know now is what you want to work on…




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Ever wonder where your brake callipers are? Or even why you might want to know? Wish you could fix your own flat so you don’t have to ask someone else for help? All this and so much more in this intro to basic bike mechanics. We’ll go over different parts of your bike, what you’ll want to take care of, check before rides, and fix small repairs. Bring your bike with you for this hands-on clinic with Emily Slaco.

NEW DATE* Tuesday MAY 10 5-8pm   
Monday MAY 17 5-8pm    BOOK NOW

PRICE $80 (+gst)

Planning on heading into our beautiful backcountry for some adventures this summer?  Even a ride into the wilds more than 3hrs away from civilization can be considered backcountry considering a mishap out there could lead to a long walk home in the dark. Take some time with us to learn some of the basics of backcountry troubleshooting.  What should you carry in your pack and where to draw the line (we don’t want to carry everything & the kitchen sink!).  Carry the right kind of fuel to keep you going & that you’ll actually want to eat, not another Gel ewww.  Always have a good safety plan, cause you just never know.

DATE  Monday JUNE 28 5-8pm 
PRICE $80 (+gst)    BOOK NOW 


 MG 6604

Improve your fitness and skills just in time for summer with this 4 week progressive course.

Each week will focus on a new skill to bring it into the trails for lots of practice. Build on what you've learned from week to week and watch your skills and fitness improve. Between sessions, we’ll assign you some fun ‘trail homework’ to help with cardio and skill development.

Expand your trail network, boost your confidence, and meet more people to ride with. 

Skill Level: I (Intermediate)

Thursdays 5:30-8pm
APRIL 15, 22, 29 & MAY 6 
MAY 13, 20, 27   BOOK NOW

PRICE  $225 (+gst)    - for 3 sessions


Keep your wheels turning and your stoke high as you pedal and practice weekly with our Sweet Skills coaches. Learn tons of new skills on the trail that will help you get to the next level of riding. Meet new riding buddies and have tons of laughs and cheers in the forest! 

New skill and new trail every week! Sign up soon to save your spot. 

Mondays MAY 10, 17, 24, 31 Level: IA  BOOK NOW 
Mondays May 17, 24, 31 Level: I  BOOK NOW
Mondays June 7, 14, 21, 28 Level: I & IA   BOOK NOW
Wednesdays JUNE 23, 30, July 7, 14 Level: BI & I   BOOK NOW

PRICE  4 weeks: $290 (+gst)  3 weeks: $225 (+gst)


Need a boost of confidence to your riding? Over this 3-week clinic you'll progress through a ton of fun skills and get into some technical trails in the valley. Discover new trails and new skills by  sessioning the tricky bits with your coach.

Get over some hurdles you may have with your riding such as switchback corners, wheel lifts, steeper descents, picking lines, staying relaxed, and braking in control. We spend day one in Lost Lake for an intense skill review, and then venture to new trails every week after.

Set yourself up for an awesome summer of riding by building your skill level and your confidence in this 3-week clinic.

This clinic is great for a rider who is confident on 90% of the Lost Lake singletrack and is looking to explore more challenging trails.

Skill Level: I (Intermediate)

DATE  Wednesdays JUNE 2, 9, 16  5-8pm   BOOK NOW
PRICE  $270 (+gst)  


strand1For your skills and your mind! Ride with Katrina and sharpen up your skills while increasing your confidence with the right mindset. Learn how mental training is just as important as skills training as you navigate the trails during this clinic. Leave the night with some great tips to calm your brain while you ride and fine tune your technical skills at the same time. Reward yourself with an apres for further discussion, more tips and of course a few laughs.

Registration is open for past Sweet Skills participants. Add this onto a 3 week skills series for a totally complete learning experience. Sign up soon, there are only 5 spots available!

Skill Level: I (Intermediate)

DATE  Wednesday JUNE 16  5-8pm (ride for 2-2.5hrs with social afterwards) *price does not include apres
PRICE  $90 (+gst)    WAITLIST 



Don’t miss this clinic- it’s a life saver! Plus, you’re gonna rock it!

In this rock rollin’ clinic, you’ll learn and practice simple braking techniques to control your speed on rock faces and technical terrain. No more skidding after this clinic..

We’ll put a little more excitement in your ride by covering a more aggressive body position and interesting line choices. We kick things off with skill practice and round it out by rolling the No Err rock faces, going for a rip down Econoline and more. This clinic is great for a solid intermediate rider who is looking to kick their descending up a notch.

Skill Level: I - IA (Intermediate - Int/Advanced)

Sunday APRIL 25 3-6pm 
Thursday JUNE 3 5-8pm     BOOK NOW
PRICE  $90 (+gst)



Need a cornering 101 lesson? This is it!

Do you know how to move your bike underneath you for the corners? Do you loose speed in the corners, and just feel awkward? Up your cornering skills and feel super rad in the corners! We'll break it down with lots of skills drills then take it to some turny trails for repetition and video analysis.  Good times are just around the corner!

Skill Level: I-A (Intermediate - Advanced)

PEMBERTON: Tuesday APRIL 27  5-8pm  
WHISTLER: Tuesday JUNE 15 5-8pm  BOOK NOW or Tuesday SEPT 14 10am-1pm  BOOK NOW
PRICE  $90 (+gst) 


coach elbows

Expand your trail network with our essential Pemby skills clinic. We’ll take you back to some fundamental braking skills and teach you how to descend on the classic Pemberton loose stuff!

We put special focus on body positioning, trail scanning, line choice and brake control throughout the clinic to give you the confidence for those sweet in-trail moves. Trails TBD depending on group and trail conditions (Hawaii, Bob Gnarly, Lower Mackenzie, etc)

This clinic is great for the intermediate rider looking to advance their descending skills.

Skill Level: I-IA (Intermediate - Int/Advanced)

Saturday MAY 1  9am-12pm   
Thursday JUNE 10 5-8pm    BOOK NOW
PRICE  $90 (+gst) 


 MG 1235

Hammer out fun jump ‘n drop skills with our sweet boxes and stunts. Our favourite! This is an evening full of skill drills to give you more tools in your biking toolbelt.

Some trail work will be incorporated and learn where you can pop off fun little things in the trail, try some table top jumps, and carve some sweet corners! This clinic is not about 'sending' it big in the trails.. we focus on skills and good technique to get you dialed for future sending!

Skill Level: I-IA (Intermediate - Int/Advanced)

Friday MAY 21  5-8pm    BOOK NOW 
Tuesday JULY 6 5-8pm    BOOK NOW
PRICE  $90 (+gst) 


Lynn Jump

Are you ready to take air?! The one and only Air Maiden, Lynne Armstrong will introduce you to a safe jumping progression. No need for the bike park as we’ll stay in the valley and session the pump track and small jump lines.

We’ll start with practicing skills in the pump track to get your body and bike in the flow zone - and your heart pumping. Pump track skills will help you dial in an awesome body position to allow you to be more dynamic on your bike. Next, we’ll take your new pump skills into the jump park for a progressive lesson on how to get the wheels in the air. We practice on the tabletop jumps where you can safely land on top of the jump and progress from there at your own speed.

This clinic is great for an intermediate to advanced rider who is looking to get their wheels off the ground for the first time.

Skill Level: I-IA (Intermediate - Int/Advanced)

DATE  Sunday MAY 30  3-6pm 
PRICE  $90 (+gst)   BOOK NOW


Want to learn the art of keeping your feet on the pedals? Learn techniques to keep your biking rolling over roots on the technical ups and downs of the west side tech. You’ll solidify strong climbing and downhill positions to keep you balanced on your bike and focused on scanning for a fun, exhilarating line.

This clinic is a great clinic for the intermediate rider who is confident on all Lost Lake blue trails and looking for more challenge. Trails TBDS in the Emerald and River zone.

Skill Level: I (Intermediate)

DATE  Tuesday JUNE 1  5-8pm 
PRICE  $90 (+gst)    BOOK NOW 


 dsc6723Have you checked a few slabs off your list and are ready for a new challenge?

Roll around in the Desert Platter zone and check out some cool trails with your coach showing you the lines. You’ll solidify your body position and braking skills with progressively challenging techy lines and rock rolls.

This clinic is great for a strong intermediate rider who rides all the slabs in Lost Lake (Toads trail steeper lines) and is excited to nail more sweet slabs. Trails will depend on group: Beaver Pond, Desert Platter, 3 Birds or 99'er.

Skill Level: I-IA (Intermediate - Int/Advanced)

DATE  Tuesday JUNE 8  5-8pm    BOOK NOW
PRICE  $90 (+gst) 


 MG 6507Looking to ride your way clean down the Pioneer trail in Pemberton? Let's tackle those skills needed to get through those down hill corners and roll downs. Make this trail 100% more fun with more confidence and skill for those cruxy moves!

We'll be pracicing lots of cornering skills on our way up and cheering each other on on the way down. This clinic is great for the intermediate rider who is confident on most other 1 Mile trails such as Fizzy Pop, Dog Beach, and Pickle Surprise.

Skill Level: I (Intermediate)

DATE  Tuesday JUNE 8  5-8pm 
PRICE  $90 (+gst) BOOK NOW 


Do you cruise through Lost Lake blue trails but skip the rock rolls?

Start adding rock rolls into your Lost Lake ride with a ‘how to rock roll’ session from our coaches. You’ll be creeping down any rock with control once you’ve mastered a safe body position and solid braking technique. After rockin' it on the slabs we'll get techy in the some of the darker blue Lost Lake trails.

This clinic is great for the intermediate rider looking to gain confidence on rock slabs and technical features in Lost Lake trails.

Skill Level: I (Intermediate)

DATE  Tuesday JUNE 29  9:30-12pm  
PRICE  $75 (+gst)    BOOK NOW 


 MG 6645

Riding in control over uphill obstacles can be frustrating – but it’s a crucial skill and so satisfying once you make it! Being in the right gear, timing the pedal strokes, and getting in the right body position are all things that will be covered in this clinic. 

Don’t worry, it’s not just uphill, this clinic also includes some fun downhilling. Pemberton's Fat Tug trail is a challenging climb but it is so worth it for the fast and fun decent. After working on some sweet downhill moves over some techy obstacles and big corners, we'll head to the old-school ‘Shots Fired’ trails for more tech moves. Give it a shot! You’ll be surprised at what you can accomplish.

Expand your trail network and expand your skills! This clinic is great for the intermediate rider looking to advance their skills on technical trails.

Skill Level: I-IA (Intermediate - Int/Advanced)

DATE  Monday JULY 12  5-8pm   BOOK NOW 
PRICE  $90 (+gst) 


aleisha beg

If you’re looking for a great introduction to technical riding, this clinic is for you. Leave it to our coaches to find the best learning terrain to help you master the essentials on Pemberton’s 1 Mile tech-y style loops.

Before sundown, you’ll be picking better lines, negotiating tighter corners up and down, and generally staying on your bike more than you did before!

We’ll add more fun learning in the descent with technical trails like Fizzy Pop and Dog Beach. This clinic is great for the lower intermediate rider who is not quite ready for the steeper Pioneer trail…yet!

Skill Level: BI (BegIntermediate)

DATE  Monday MAY 10  5-8pm 
PRICE  $90 (+gst)   


IMG 2253

Finally climb Happy Trail with a smile on your face (coz, sometimes it's not so happy)!

Happy Trail in Pemberton, the gateway climb to all of the Mackenzie network of trails, is a grind. But, don’t worry we’ll have you rocking the uphill cornering skills and saying, “take that!” to those nemesis moves that you just loathe.

We’ll session the obstacles, while focusing on gearing, braking, and body positioning. You'll learn valuable tips to conquer the climb, so that you’ll always be feeling fresh for a Mackenzie or Radio Tower descent. Once we hit the Waco Connector, we’ll make a plan for a descent that everyone can conquer with a few tips from our coaches.

This clinic is great for an advanced beginner to intermediate rider looking for uphill tips.  

*Happy Trail is a blue accent which in Pemberton is more challenging than Lost Lake Whistler trails*

Skill Level: BI (BegIntermediate)

Tuesday APRIL 20  5-8pm 
Tuesday JUNE 22 5-8pm    BOOK NOW
PRICE  $90 (+gst)


Get some friends together and book us for your own clinic - whatever you choose! MG 7513Check some skills off your list and tackle the trails you've been having troubles with. A private group with just your friends is a great way to start your riding season.

Book us soon! Check here for pricing and ask us for the local sea to sky girlfriend discount - the more friends, the cheaper the pricing.  Email Sylvie to book. 



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