Whistler - Pemberton

Get a jump on your riding season! Lots of beginner options this Spring to set you up for an awesome summer of riding. 


Start your biking career off on the right foot (er wheel) with some professional coaching from the patient and passionate Sweet Skills Coaches. Roll away from our clinics with a new passion for the sport, tons of tips to practice, and way more knowledge about your bike.


BIKE TECH 101 with Emily Slaco - PEMBERTON  

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Ever wonder where your brake callipers are? Or even why you might want to know? Wish you could fix your own flat so you don’t have to ask someone else for help? All this and so much more in this intro to basic bike mechanics.

We’ll go over different parts of your bike, what you’ll want to take care of, check before rides, and fix small repairs. Bring your bike with you for this hands-on clinic with Emily Slaco.

Tuesday MAY 10 5-8pm 
Monday MAY 17 5-8pm    BOOK NOW
PRICE  $80 (+gst) 


Are you brand new to biking? This clinic is for you! No experience necessary at all.

Start your biking adventures with tips on how to set up your bike for the best experience. We’ll get acquainted with the features on your bike and show you how to position yourself so that you can balance with ease in new terrain. We'll practice skills in an open area for most of the clinic then take it to the trails, starting with crushed gravel trails. Skills will include changing gears, braking, basic climbing and descending positions, and cornering.

This is for you if you consider yourself a bit of a chicken and very tentative. If you have more experience and are ready to hit some singletrack for the first time then please sign up for the Beginner series instead.

Skill Level: SB (SuperBeginner)

DATE  Monday June 14 & 21 9:30am-12pm   
PRICE  $160 (+gst)    BOOK NOW 


beg bridge llAre you new to biking and not sure where to start? Start with us! Learn all the fundamentals to get you going for an awesome summer of riding. You'll learn a ton from Sweet Skills coaches as they talk you through everything you need to know about your bike, your bike set-up and of course how to ride it! 

The first 2 sessions will offer a lot of skill drills to instill good habits right off the bat. Fundamental skills will be taught and practiced such as: body position for different terrain, how to use your gears and brakes, how to negotiate corners and bumps on the trail, and most of all how to relax and have fun! After practicing skills in an open area, we then take it to the trails to put it all together reviewing skills, pracicing along the way and cheering everyone along.

Skill Level: B (Beginner)


Int logNeed some more confidence in your riding to be able to tackle the technical Lost Lake trails? You are confident on all the crushed gravel trails in Lost Lake and have just started to venture into some of the easier singletrack trails but are struggling? Then this is the clinic for you! We'll have 2 different ability levels to give you the boost of confidence and challenge that you need.

DATE  Tuesday May 4, 11, 18  5-8pm
PRICE  $270 (+gst)  


 MG 5931Check out where the easy trails are in Pemberton for the first 2 sessions at One Mile Lake then venture into the Whistler Lost Lake trails for the final day.

DATE  Sunday April 18, 25, May 2  10am-1pm
PRICE  $270 (+gst) 

*If you are brand new to biking and not yet comfortable with standing on level pedals on your bike then the Super Beginner clinic is the one for you or start with a private lesson.


katrinaFor your skills and your mind! Ride with Katrina and sharpen up your skills while increasing your confidence with the right mindset. Learn how mental training is just as important as skills training as you navigate the trails during this clinic. Leave the night with some great tips to calm your brain while you ride and fine tune your technical skills at the same time. Reward yourself with an apres for further discussion, more tips and of course a few laughs.

Registration is open for past Sweet Skills participants. Add this onto a 3 week skills series for a totally complete learning experience. Book soon as there are only 5 spots available!

Skill Level: B-BI (Beginner-BegIntermediate)

DATE  Tuesday May 25  5-8pm
PRICE  $90 (+gst) *Does not include apres.   BOOK NOW 


cyb climbAre you ready to try some trails other than Lost Lake? Discover what lies outside of the Lost Lake trails in the beautiful Emerald Forest. Dive into some more technical trails on the West Side with Sweet Skills coaches encouraging you along. Discover how to ride over roots and keep your flow over the more technical terrain. Learn how to use your momentum and trail scanning skills to get you through those technical bits. Great clinic for beginner riders who have some experience and can ride confidently on 50% of the Lost Lake trails.

Skill Level: B-BI (Beginner - BegIntermediate)

DATE  Monday June 7  10am-1pm
PRICE  $90 (+gst)    BOOK NOW 


begclimbWant to stay on your pedals – and off your feet? Step up your technical skills on the bridges and technical obstacles, learn about trail scanning and keeping your flow. 

This clinic is great for the beginner rider who’s gone through one of our clinics in the past and is needing a little boost to get through some barriers. Lots of practice and sessioning in the trails as we review skills along the way.

We're offering 2 levels to choose from so you can up your game at the right challenge level for you:
Level 1: You’ve been riding the crushed gravel with confidence and tackling some of the easier blue trails in Lost Lake such as Dinah Mo Hum, White Gold Traverse, and Son of Mr Green Jeans, Peaches.. Time to step it up to some slightly harder trails!
Level 2: You’re feeling pretty good on most obstacles on the trails mentioned in Level 1 and need to practice more challenging trails with sharper corners, uphill obstacles, and of course more bridges!

DATE  Tuesday SEPT 7  5-7:30pm 
PRICE  $75 (+gst)    Level 1: BOOK NOW    Level 2: BOOK NOW 


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Finally climb Happy Trail with a smile on your face (coz, sometimes it's not so happy)!

Happy Trail, the gateway climb to all of the Mackenzie network of trails, is a grind. But, don’t worry we’ll have you rocking the uphill cornering skills and saying, “take that!” to those nemesis moves that you just loathe.

We’ll session the obstacles, while focusing on gearing, braking, and body positioning. You'll learn valuable tips to conquer the climb, so that you’ll always be feeling fresh for a Mackenzie or Radio Tower descent. Once we hit the Waco Connector, we’ll make a plan for a descent that everyone can conquer with a few tips from our coaches.

This clinic is great for an advanced beginner to intermediate rider looking for uphill tips. 

Skill Level: BI (BegIntermediate)

Tuesday APRIL 20  5-8pm 
Tuesday JUNE 22  5-8pm    BOOK NOW
PRICE  $90 (+gst) 

*Happy Trail is a blue accent which in Pemberton is more challenging than Lost Lake Whistler trails*


If you’re looking for a great introduction to technical riding, this clinic is for you. Leave it to our coaches to find the best learning terrain to help you master the essentials on 1 Mile's tech-y style loops.

Before sundown, you’ll be picking better lines, negotiating tighter corners up and down, and generally staying on your bike!

We’ll add more fun learning in the descent by hitting up technical trails like Fizzy Pop and Dog Beach. This clinic is great for the lower intermediate rider who is not quite ready for the steeper Pioneer trail – yet!

Skill Level: BI (BegIntermediate)

DATE  Monday MAY 10  5-8pm
PRICE  $90 (+gst)  


Get some friends together and book us for your own clinic - whatever you choose! Check some skills off your list and tackle the trails you've been having troubles with. A private group with just your friends is a great way to start your riding season.

Book us soon! Check here for pricing and ask us for the local sea to sky girlfriend discount - the more friends, the cheaper the pricing.  Email Sylvie to book. 

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