Start your summer with a big confidence booster with our beginner skills clinic


Learn the fundamentals to get you rollin’ as a mountain biker! We’ve got you covered with all the basics you need and some fun practice on the trails to boot! The Smith Creek trails are the perfect spot for a beginner to develop some new skills on the flowy terrain.

We start every beginner clinic with a bit of a bike set up and safety check. We want to set you up for success right off the bat! Then we’ll get into all the fundamentals of body position, basic cornering, braking skills, how to adjust your body positioning for different terrain both uphill & downhill, as well as, how to safely ride over roots & rocks.

We’ll have tons of fun practice on the trails and you’ll leave this clinic smiling and ready for more!

2 Levels to choose from depending on your experience.

Level 1: Are you super brand new to biking? You would just like to feel more comfortable with standing on your pedals, gearing, braking smoothly, and getting more confidence to roll over obstacles and do simple corners. We'll help you get started as a fresh biker with some nice new habits!

Level 2: You feel pretty comfortable riding around on the wider trails and have no problem standing on level pedals and doing basic corners. You'd like to get more confidence on slightly bumpier terrain and tighter trails like the easy blues. We'll go over all the fundamentals and make sure you're position is dialed then take it to the trails for lots of practice.

*Location will be confirmed as Smith Creek may not allow group events to happen, so we would move the clinic to Crawford Trails at Myra-Bellevue Park.

DATE  Sunday MAY 30

Level 1: Skill Level SB (Super Beginner) 9am-12pm   BOOK NOW 

Level 2: Skill Level B (Beginner) 1-4pm   WAITLIST

PRICE  $105 (+gst)