Beginner Women's Clinics

Start your riding experience on the right foot – er…wheel!

We’ll share valuable tips to get your bike set up right for the best body positioning, which will ultimately give you more control.
In each of the beginner clinics, our coaches run you through the essential skills, like gearing, maneuvering over rocks and roots, climbing, descending, braking and cornering.

Once everyone is excelling in the skills area, we hit the trails for loads of practice and even more fun!

Check out the calendar of events here 


Super Beginner Clinic - Whistler

Are you brand new to biking? This clinic is for you! No experience necessary at all!

Start your biking adventures with tips on how to set up your bike for the best experience. We’ll get acquainted with the features on your bike and show you how to position yourself so that you can balance with ease in new terrain.

We'll practice skills in an open area for most of the clinic then take it to the trails in Lost Lake starting with the crushed gravel trails.


Beginner Clinic - Pemberton / Whistler

Feeling good on your bike and ready to get off of crushed gravel and into some real single track?

This class is full of fundamental skills that you need to become a full-fledged mountain biker. We’ll cover how to adjust your body positioning for different terrain, as well as, how to safely ride over roots, corner in tight turns, and descend while squealing wheeeeee!

We'll practice skills in an open area then take it to the technical trails at One Mile Lake in Pemberton or Lost Lake in Whistler.


Fear No Wood - Whistlerbeth bridge

Do you have a bridge fobia? Riding bridges is an essential skill when it comes to enjoying Lost Lake trails and beyond. Join Beth in this 2-hour clinic.

You'll progress through woodwork in Lost Lake and learn how to conquer the fear. Open to Beginner and Intermediate levels.


Happy Times Beg/Int - Pemberton

Finally climb Happy Trail with a smile on your face (coz, sometimes it's not so happy)!

Happy Trail, the gateway climb to all of the Mackenzie network of trails, is a grind. But, don’t worry we’ll have you rocking the uphill cornering skills and saying, “take that!” to those nemesis moves that you just loathe.

We’ll session the obstacles, while focusing on gearing, braking, and body positioning. You'll learn valuable tips to conquer the climb, so that you’ll always be feeling fresh for a Mackenzie or Radio Tower descent. Once we hit the Waco Connector, we’ll make a plan for a descent that everyone can conquer with a few tips from our coaches.

This clinic is great for an advanced beginner to intermediate rider. *Happy Trail is a blue accent which in Pemberton is more challenging than Lost Lake Whistler trails*


Beginner Trail Skills - Whitehorse, Yukon

New to singletrack riding? We’ve got you covered in this super fun on-trail skills session that will have you navigating the Whitehorse trails with confidence.

You’ll learn the fundamentals with lots of practice. Learn how to adjust your body positioning for different terrain, as well as, how to safely ride over roots, how to make cornering way easier, and descend technical terrain.

Hang out with us post-clinic for a little apres in town. Trails TBD in Whitehorse.

TUE July 10, 2018 6-8:30pm
$75 (+gst)