Advanced Women's Clinics

Ready to ditch those black diamond trail jitters?!

Learn how to approach obstacles and instantly decide which technique you’ll need to pull out of your back pocket to have success. We’ll show you how to quickly scan the trail and prepare yourself for taking air, rolling steep pitches, or flowing through those sweet corners.

Find our advanced coaches and clinics in Pemberton, Whistler, Revelstoke, and Whitehorse! 

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Drops n' Steeps - Pemberton


Join us for some classic Pemberton style!

You’ll get air under those tires with the manual front wheel lift and we’ll apply it to the trail – off rocks and drops. We’ll show you the best techniques needed for riding steep loose trails and the solid rock faces. Essential Pemby riding skills found here!

The Mackenzie clinic is great to fine tune your skills and help you make better line choices on the harder trails of the Nimby race course – competitors and non-competitors welcome!

SAT April 21 9am-1pm $95 (+gst)
SAT June 16 9am-1pm $95 (+gst)

Jump Clinic - Whistlerjumpteach

Taking air is so much fun! Let us show you the safe way to get air under your tires. No need for the bike park!

We’ll practice the skills in the jump park, then take it to the trails. In no time, you’ll excel at cornering techniques, body positions for jumping, looking for your line and riding out safely.

Advanced Tech - Whistler

Step it up to the next level with this super tech-y session!

You’ll learn advanced body positioning for technical climbing, steep descents and cornering. We’ll have you steering and breaking under control down rock faces, smoothing out the transitions, and railing those corners. Sessioning drops and picking sweet lines definitely included!

intgroupTrails TBD... Out There, 99'er/Danimal, or Business Time.

MON May 28 5-8pm $75 (+gst)  
MON June 18 5-8pm $75 (+gst) 

Women’s Downhill & Learn to Jump - Revelstokerevy

Want to get your wheels in the air? If you’re giving jumping a shot for the first time, or wanting to build on your experience – then we’ve got you covered!

You’ll learn to approach steeps, jumps and drops safely, and with the correct technique! We review how to set up for a jump or drop with the proper body position, speed, trail scanning techniques and pumping skills.

We practice in a safe environment, then take it to the trails for a little more excitement! The skill session and rides will take place in the Boulder trails with shuttle access provided.

This clinic is great for the intermediate or advanced rider that wants to take their skills to the next level with jumping.

SUN June 24 9am-3pm
$160 (includes shuttles all day at Boulder Mountain!)
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Carcross Co-Ed Skills Session

Learn some sweet new skills and be able to shred more of the Carcross trails!

IMG 9830Sweet Skills is offering up a full day of skills and sessioning for locals, and this camp is Co-Ed! Join Kevin Wood, Tera Meade, and Christine Prescott in this action packed 1 day skill session on the Carcross trails. Learn how to take jumps and drops, ride in control down rock rolls, pick your lines, and be smooth through the technical.

Flow through the trails with a more aggressive body positioning and see your skills advance to the next level!

Open to intermediate and advanced riders. Shuttles and lunch included.

SUN Sept 16 10am-4pm
$175 (+gst)